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Access control

SmartAccess Parking

Use an intelligent licence plate recognition for the access control of your parking lot and infrastructures. With LPR / ANPR technology upgrade your security. Remote control from a distant computer or your smartphone with IP network connexion. Access control become connected, more secure and easier to use. For securing a small parking lot or multi site management our solutions can fit to your security needs. Managing lists of authorized vehicles to grant physical access to your building to have identification automation.

  • Easy to install access control solutions to implement your portal security management.
  • ANPR technology for safety & reliability.
  • Compatible with our CCTV management system, alarm solutions, … For a better integrated security.
  • Ready for use or custom made, contact us to find the one that meets your needs.

Complementary products

Visuel logiciel contrôle d'accès

Videophone for access control, ARCLAN’s IPortier is an IP video intercom designed for remote controling your accesses via the IP network. Designed for public buildings and visitor management,  the IPortier integrates a magnetic induction current loop for disabled persons. SIP protocol included allows to transfer video, sound, text messages or e-mail to the connected devices.

  • With IP interface you receive your calls or your IP phone or your smartphone wherever you are. Compatible with Wireless solutions in your buildings.
  • Compatible with our security solutions
  • Designed to manage magnetic induction current loops for disabled persons
  • Memory included to check visits when you are away.
  • Our intercom is designed and made in France.


  • Audio :  SIP v2 signalisation- Audio coding : Mulaw (64Kbits/s) – Communication : full duplex – Anti-écho functiun
  • In/Out : 1 digital input / 2 relay output
  • Power supply : External or PoE (Ethernet)
  • Box : 2 versions : panel or surface mounting. IP64
  • Management software (*) : ARC-Setup : Setup utilitary
    (*) : For Microsoft Windows
  • Made in France
Portier SIP avec boucle BIM pour PMR

NetIO-COD is part of the ARCLAN access control range. It can be used independently from other devices for your access control. Pre register up to 100 codes in its memory or use it with your supervision software to control your accesses and upgrade your security system with its simple configuration. Integrate it as a simple module to secure your perimeter. With its illuminated keypad use it easily night and day.

Designed and made in France.


  • Fonctionnement : stand-alone mode, IP network management with web server integrated.
  • Codes : Permanent codes, limited duration codes, one use codes or duress codes for more security.
  • Keyboard : backlist / Metal or plastic keys.
  • Power supply : External or PoE (Ethernet)
  • Rugged housing : Streamline aluminium body. IP53
  • Compatibility : IPRecord-MX4 : Our video surveillance software
  • Made in France
NETIO COD contrôle d'accès Arclan
NetIO Access

Stand alone control unit NetIO Access is part of the Arclan access control range. It can be used in access control, presence monitoring, passage control, …

NetIO Access operate independently with RFID proximity readers & keyboards from STID brand. Accesses are granted with a code, a card or both simultaneously for more security. It’s an open access control system that can easily be integrated in an IP security network solution. NetIO Access can store up to 600 cads or codes in its stand-alone mode.

NetIO Access operate without PC, it is fast and easy to setup from its web interface. It’s also designed and made in France.


  • Operation : Stand-alone mode administered by web browser.
  • Right of access : Permanent & temporary.
  • Time program : configurable
  • Number of readers : 5
  • Number of doors : 5
  • Number of users : 600
  • RFID reader & keyboards from STID. For compatibility with other brands, please contact us.
  • Connexion modes : NetIO Access: IP network, RFID reader – control unit : RS485
  • Made in France
NETIO ACCESS contrôle d'accès Arclan